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Apple Donuts – A Healthy Snack

A is for Awesome Apple Snacks. Make apples to resemble donuts, these faux Apple Donuts are a great after-school treat as well as a fun party food. You’ll find so many creative ways to add icings and toppings. Sliced Apple Donuts are easy to make, with no baking involved (baked apple donuts will be in a later blog post.) Put the toppings out and kids can decorate themselves. Just don’t tell them how healthy they are 🙂

The following 5 recipes for Apple Donuts all follow the same basic steps: Core and slice the apple, add a ‘frosting’ then toppings. If you are not eating the apples right away, consider soaking the rings in a combination of 1 Tbs of lemon juice to one cup of water to keep the apples from browning.

5 Fun Recipes for Apple Donuts

  1. Make in advance and have them ready for your hungry after-school brood. Drizzled with melted chocolate then topped with traditional donut toppings, what a treat! This recipe gives instructions on how to prep the apples with a solution to keep them from browning.
Apple Donuts topped with peanut butter, yogurt and chocolate hazelnut.
Recipe: Food Network

2. Make these on-demand treats for your kids and let them add the toppings. Frost with a flavored Greek yogurt, chocolate hazelnut spread or peanut butter.

3. Cream cheese and a little food coloring can make this healthy treat a great addition to your child’s next party. Just coordinate the colors to the party’s theme.

Recipe: Taste

4. A recipe calling for fruit on fruit with yogurt in-between, can’t get much healthier than that. What a wonderful breakfast in-a-hurry option!

5. A Fall favorite, mini caramel apple donuts. Let’s face it, most kids don’t eat the whole apple anyway, so why not offer these sliced apple versions with the same great flavor combination of granny smith apples and caramel.

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